Providers are encouraged to scan and email the following documents to the CTQP Administrator for processing and grading exams: 

  • Scan of signed Instructor/Proctor affidavit (one page per exam session) - pdf format
  • Scan of the cover page of written exam, where student signs (one page per student) - pdf format
  • Scan of written exam bubble sheet (one page per student) - pdf format
  • Excel file of the class roster (one file per exam session) - Excel format

Additional documents for specific conditions:

  • Scan of student survey bubble forms (one page per student) - pdf format 
    only required if a CTQP course is administered 
  • Scan of the cover page of the proficiency exam, where the instructor gives the pass/fail grade (one page per student) - pdf format
    only required if a proficiency exam is administered 
  • Signed student support document affidavit (with all support documents) - pdf format
    only required for CTQP qualifications that have requirements besides the written exam

It is highly recommended that you include all support documentation from your trainees for the specific CTQP Qualification. For example, Earthwork Level 1, requires trainees to either have held the qualification before or to submit a Nuclear Gauge Safety Certificate. If a copy of the previous certificate or the Nuclear Gauge certificate are sent with the exam information, all documents can be processed at once and technicians will receive their qualification promptly. If these documents are submitted at a later date, it will take 2 more weeks from receipt of the documents for technicians to receive their qualification.