Once you have completed your exam, your course provider will send your exam information to the CTQP Administrator. Typically, the submittal process of exams to the CTQP Administrator is electronic, however, some providers send results via regular mail, which may take up to one week.  

Once the exams are received by the CTQP Administrator it can take up to two weeks for exam grading and for results to be provided to the trainees. 

At the most, you should receive notification of your examination results within 3 weeks from the date the exam was completed.

Some CTQP qualifications require additional support documents, such as Nuclear Gauge Certificates for Earthwork Level 1. We recommend that technicians submit all of these support documents to the exam provider at the time of the exam. This will improve the processing time for receiving qualifications. If support documents are submitted separately, qualifications will be processed two weeks after support documents are submitted.